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    A smart circuit breaker is an electronic device that operates the circuit breaker through remote control to turn on or off, monitor and collect the use status of the circuit and load equipment. Smart circuit breakers can feed back and record the information status of circuits and equipment through the Internet in real time.

    We also call it the Internet of Things circuit breaker or remote control circuit breaker. It can use multiple protocols for remote control, such as RS485, RJ45 (network port), WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G and other protocols.

    Smart circuit breakers are electronic devices that manage circuit breakers via remote control to turn off and turn on, to gather and control the use status of the circuit and load equipment. Smart circuit breakers can utilize numerous protocols for remote control, including 4G/5G, RJ45 (network port), RS485, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other protocols.

    Smart circuit breakers are also called the Internet of Things circuit breakers and remote control circuit breakers. They can feed back and record the information status of circuits and equipment through the Internet in current time.0123



    Single Phase Din Rail Smart Meter

    Din Rail Power Meter

    Smart WiFi Switch With Metering Function

    ZigBee DIN Rail Smart Relay Switch With Metering

    Din Rail Smart WiFi Switch With Metering Function

    ZigBee Smart Relay Switch Over Current Under Voltage Protection

    Din Rail Smart WiFi Switch With Metering Function

    TUYA Single Phase WiFi Smart Metering Circuit Breaker

    Single Phase TUYA MCB WiFi Smart Residential Circuit Breaker

    TUYA Three Phase WiFi Smart Switch Measurement Circuit Breaker

    Three Phase TUYA MCB TUYA MCB WiFi Smart Meter Control Circuit Breaker

    TUYA WiFi RCBO Smart Circuit Breaker With Leakage Protection 

    Three Phase RCBO WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Smart Life 

    TUYA WiFi Smart RCBO Timer Circuit Breaker Remote Control

    WiFi RCBO Adjustable Smart Circuit Breaker

    Zigbee Smart Circuit Breaker RCBO 1-40A Adjustable

    Abundant smart circuit breaker functions

    Voice Controls

    Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

    Alarm Function

    Real-time remote viewing of equipment status, Real-time event notifications, And real-time fault alarms.

    Remote Control

    Remote control at any time from anywhere by TUYA APP / Smart Life APP.

    Safe Protection

    Over-Temperature and Over-Load Protection, Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage Protection.

    Three Timing Modes

    Timing Mode, Countdown Mode, Loop Timing.

    Real-Time Power Consumption

    View load current, voltage, and power in real-time. Can record power consumption in different time periods.


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    What is a WiFi circuit breaker?

    WiFi circuit breaker is a name of the WiFi communication method under Smart circuit breaker. Wifi is a kind of communication method with high popularity, global standard uniformity and easy matching. Unlike other methods, it may require wire connection or re-connection. Equipped with a separate gateway, ordinary users prefer to use wifi to connect.

    Wifi circuit breaker is mainly divided into 2 parts:

    TO-Q-SMR1 Smart WiFi RCBO
    One is mechanical mechanism part, which is the conventional circuit breaker part.
    One ischip part, which is the control part.

    Mechanical mechanism part

    Same as traditional circuit breakers include the over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and leakage protection, with good breaking capacity, it contains the same four primary components.

    1. Operating mechanism – Provide circuit breaker opening and closing methods,
    2. Frame – Protect the internal parts of the circuit breaker from external materials,
    3. Contacts – Enable current to flow through the circuit breaker when closed,
    4. Arc extinguisher – The arc is extinguished when the circuit breaker interrupts the fault.

    Control part

    Short circuits, leakages, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, metering and other circuit faults can all be monitored in real time by the smart chip control part. Through the mobile phone APP or computer program for remote control of different communication protocols, and monitor the data we need.

    The terms of use for WiFi controlled circuit breaker

    WiFi circuit breaker switch is widely used in industrial production and everyday life due to their convenient remote control of the power system.

    1. Transport Industry: Rapid Illegal Detention System, Intelligent Transport System
    2. Communication industry: communication base stations, outdoor cabinets, unattended computer rooms, etc
    3. Security industry: security monitoring, mineral monitoring, energy monitoring, and other monitoring projects
    4. Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

    What are the advantages of using a WiFi circuit breaker instead of a traditional circuit breaker?

    Energy-saving advantages

    There may be a button in the room to turn off various household equipment. With an updated algorithm based on a specific model and a certain habit, we can automatically analyze whether it has to be turned on or whether the high voltage protection has a large breaking capacity.

    The autorecloser tripping current can be up to 65kA to ensure that the circuit breaker (protector) is under severe stress in the case of failure. When we are not utilizing the electricity, we turn it off.

    Safety advantages

    The WiFi circuit breaker can be remotely locked to prevent malfunction. In the event of a power interruption, it may automatically shut down or shut down depending on the mode.

    Intelligence advantages

    Every switch in the room may be operated remotely, including lighting, televisions, freezers, and washing machines.

    You can turn the lights on and off on a regular basis or use the remote control for manual control without the need for remote manual closing or opening.

    It has several benefits, the most essential of which is that it safeguards our energy security. You can provide time, delay, and other parameters for remote control processing completion.

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