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Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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  • EV Charging Power System

    What is the electric vehicles Charging?
    EV Charging Power System

    NOTE: Wall-mounted EV charging (TOEVF-H3161)

    With the rapid development of science and technology, the era has been promoted, from the former gasoline car to the new energy car.

    New energy vehicles use batteries instead of fuel engines, which reduce environmental pollution and begin to be widely promoted around the world.

    For example, from the earliest new energy vehicles, Tesla of the United States to German BMW, Mercedes-Benz. Well-known automobile brands are developing and producing new energy vehicles actively.

    While new energy vehicles are continuously popularized and promoted, the charging, protection technology and standards of EV supply equipment is constantly updated. At present, only the charging efficiency, installation and safety of the EV supply equipment charging system can be solved, and new energy vehicles can be better and more widely accepted and purchased by the public. Reduce the emission of toxic exhaust gas from cars, which is more conducive to protecting the living environment of the region.

    At present, EV supply equipment is divided into AC EV supply equipment, DC EV supply equipment and AC and DC EV supply equipment, as well as wall-mounted installation and stand-up installation.

    The EV SUPPLY EQUIPMENT consists of contactors, leakage protection circuit breaker, PCB and other electronic and electrical components. Installation of Residual Current Protective Circuit Breakers in charging process of EV supply equipment system and in front-end power transmission and distribution should conform to the certification standards of IEC 61008, IEC 61009, IEC 62423.

    The connecting point of the EV equipment should be protected by an RCD having a rated residual operation current Not exceeding 30mA. RCD (RCCB) protect connecting points shall be at least type A and RCD shall disconnect all live conductors.

    EV Charging Power System

    NOTE: This applies to single-phase or tress-phase connecting points.

    NOTE: Type B RCD, all-current sensitive RCD switchgear for applications where DC fault currents may occur.

    Where the EV supply equipment is equipped with a socket-outlet or vehicle connector for AC use, protective measure against  DC  fault current shall be taken. The appropriate measures shall be RCD type B or RCD Type A and appropriate equipment that ensures the disconnection of supply in case of DC fault current above 6 mA.

    In the future, the global new energy vehicles and new energy charging piles are a huge and potential market. Choose well-certified, high-quality products, reduce the cost of later maintenance, and at the same time can harvest a good reputation in the market.

    Go——————Eco-friendly Electric products Worldwide.


    TORD4B 2P TYPE B RCD 63A 30mA 35mm Din Rail Mouting.

    1. Electric Car Charging power system.

    2. Electronic consumers (switching power supply…).

    3. Frequency converters (Pumps, medical devices, elevatiors, escalators, air condition and ventilation systems, …).

    4. DC systems (photovoltaic systems and ups units, …).

    TORD4B 4P TYPE B RCD 63A 30mA  35mm Din Rail Mouting.

    1. Electric Car Charging power system.

    2. Electronic consumers (switching power supply…).

    3. Frequency converters (Pumps, medical devices, elevatiors, escalators, air condition and ventilation systems, …).

    4. DC systems (photovoltaic systems and ups units, …).

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