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    The full form of RCD is a “Residual Current Device”, The full form of RCCB is a “Residual Current Circuit Breaker”, and The full form of ELCB is a “Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker”, is a safe life-saving device that is designed to prevent humans from getting an ongoing fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire.

    These devices are crucial in safeguarding individuals from potentially fatal electric shocks, especially in situations where someone might inadvertently touch a live wire or component. They detect the slightest of current leaks and disconnect the power supply within milliseconds, significantly reducing the risk of electric shock or fire caused by earth leakage.

    Tongou always adheres to the principle of “quality first”, adheres to management informatization, and production automation continuously improves production process quality and production management level.


    RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCD 30mA TORD4-63

    TORD4 Type A / AC RCD RCCB

    TORD4 3 phase RCCB main function is to provide indirect protection to the operator’s body under the condition of exposing live parts. It should be connected to an appropriate grounding electrode.

    In addition, the RCCB 3 also provides protection against fire hazards due to ground fault current caused by the malfunction of the overcurrent protection device. Single Phase TORD4


    Renewable Energy Systems: Essential for solar power and wind energy installations, where DC currents are prevalent.

    Commercial and Residential Buildings: Offers robust protection in environments with a mix of AC and DC electrical devices.

    Industrial Applications: Suitable for factories and industrial setups that require stringent safety measures against electrical faults.

    EV Charging Stations: Crucial in electric vehicle infrastructure for safeguarding against DC leakage risks.

    RCD is the name used in the United Kingdom usually, In some other countries, the terms residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) are used, if the RCD integrates function as over current and short circuit protection, it is called RCBO. According to the needs of different occasions, there are A-type, AC typeB type, S type or F type, and different sensitivities, such as 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA and 500mA, etc.

    RCDs offer a level of personal electric shock protection that ordinary fuses and miniature circuit breakers (MCB) can not provide.

    What is RCD protection?

    RCD has only one protection to protect human body against the accidental electric shock, and as well as a daily operation for circuit closing and disconnection. It is usually used in conjunction with MCB (with circuit overload and short circuit protection) and installed in the consumer unit.

    What does our RCD provide for you?

    CertificationsStandards Compliance
    · CE Marked· EN 61008-1
    · CCC Marked· GB16916.1
    · CB Certified· IEC 61008-1
    · TUV Certified· AS/NZS61008
    · RoHS Compliant.

    An RCD is a sensitive safety device to cut off electricity automatically if there is an electric shock and fire caused by earth faults.  For example, if you cut the cable when mowing the lawn and accidentally touched the exposed live wires or faulty equipment overheats causing current to flow to the gourd.

    In addition to protecting personal safety, for our RCD, we can assist you to get more benefits also. The other we have authoritative certificates, customers could save a lot of testing costs by purchasing our products. You only need to pay fewer fees to get authoritatively recognized certificates, which can support you to sell locally or online more securely.

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    What does an RCD do?

    In understanding the function of RCD, it is helpful to imagine a simple circuit.

    Electricity flows through live cables and then supplies power to specific functions through electrical appliances. For example, an opened kettle will start heating water. The power will then flow back through the neutral cable to complete the entire circuit.

    RCD is designed to check whether the current flowing through the live wire is equal to the current flowing back to the second part of the circuit (the neutral wire).

    If for some reason part of the current flowing into the kettle flows out through the ground wire, the residual current flowing through the neutral wire will be less than the current flowing through the live wire, if the current is different, the RCD will simply disconnect the power supply.

    working priinciple of residual current circuit break

    How does an RCD work?

    The RCD continuously monitors the current flowing through one or more protected circuits. If it detects that the current is flowing down the unexpected path, for example by contacting a live person, the RCD will disconnect the circuit very quickly, thereby significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

    How does an RCD work

    How to test RCD?

    We found that the reliability of a fixed RCD is about 97%. If it is tested regularly, the situation will improve. If you have fixed RCD protection, it will reduce the risk of electric shock for you and your family. It can also protect your home against the risk of fire caused by wiring or electrical failure.

    Remember-although RCD protection reduces the risk of death or injury from electric shock, it does not reduce the need for caution. Check the line at least once every 10 years to ensure the safety of you, your family and your home. If you find a problem with the line or equipment, please stop using it immediately and contact a registered electrician.

    Don’t forget to test that you should test all RCDs every three months. The manufacturer recommends that you test the portable RCD every time you use it.

    check rcds regularly
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