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Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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    23 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Waterproof 3 Way IP68 Junction Box

    Waterproof 3 Way IP68 Junction Box is suitable for various natural disaster prevention equipment in electrical and electronic control equipment, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, large factories, coastal factories, water treatment terminal facilities and harsh industrial environments.

    We are a professional manufacturer of junction boxes, connectors and circuit breakers. Our products have passed CE, Rohs and SAA certifications.

    Due to the high level of waterproofing and wiring requirements, we have opened a new mold to manufacture an integrated junction box.

    The gland housing and mold are integrated, and the waterproof layer is higher, reaching IP68.

    It is mainly used for outdoor waterproof equipment, street lamps, geography, patio lamps and outdoor fountain lamps.

    Waterproof 3 Way IP68 Junction Box

    Do you want to know more about waterproof 3 way IP68 junction box?

    waterproof 3 way IP68 junction box
    1. Free distribution of terminals
    2. Complete accessories, stainless steel screws and corrosion resistance
    3. Optional cable connector, standard PG9 waterproof connector (wiring range: 4-8mm). Other sizes are available
    4. The cable joint puncture branch technology is safe and simple
    5. Waterproof and flame retardant shall reach grade v0
    6. IP68 waterproof grade, good sealing performance

    How to use waterproof junction box?

    waterproof junction box

    First of all, we will share your product drawings, or you can tell me the square of your wire.

    Use the free terminal provided by us. There is a fixed terminal block inside and a detachable waterproof head, which is convenient for wiring and installation.

    You can change other wire diameters according to your choice of wire diameter. We will give you professional suggestions.

    Various wiring modes are available for selection.

    waterproof junction box

    For outdoor use, it optimizes the use of traditional junction box and perforated cable joint, strengthens the protection in the middle of cable joint, and is more convenient to use.

    Integrated glue filling waterproof junction box

    waterproof junction box

    Key points and notes for operation of glue-filled waterproof cable junction box

    (1) After cutting off the cable, remove the old joint and wrap the exposed part for many times with waterproof adhesive tape. Be careful not to damage the wire

    (2) The position of puncture clamp shall be reasonably selected according to the specific situation.

    Remove the front end of the 10 square double-layer insulated conductor, put the top of the conductor into the puncture clamp slot, and tighten the upper screw. Ensure that the wire joints are tightly connected.

    (3) The sponges on both sides are wound to avoid resin overflow after glue filling.

    waterproof cable junction box

    (4) The lead replacement adopts the method of old wire with new wire. After fastening the box body, wrap both sides of the box body, and wrap the 10 square lead tightly with the cable

    (5) When gluing, first open the spacer between the two groups of resins, and then fully knead until it heats up.

    Then immediately pour the mixed resin into the waterproof junction box to avoid hardening the resin for too long

    (6) pay attention to work quality during operation to ensure correct wiring.

    (7) fasten the cover of the junction box and remove the sundries before putting the junction box back to its original position. The glue filling port shall be upward

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