Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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    23 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    What is an outdoor sealed switching power box?

    Outdoor sealed switching power box made from high quality ABS flame retardant material, with good performance,no corrosion, anti-static, insulation resistance.

    Its use is really super wide, because it is sealed, hard, waterproof and dustproof. It can be made into indoor and outdoor distribution box or outdoor power plug-in row.

    Although it is just a small box with excellent sealing, it is an indispensable part of life and work, making electricity safer and more convenient.

    TOM3 waterproof junction box

    TOM3 waterproof junction box


    Application of outdoor sealed switching power box

    Application of outdoor sealed switching power box

    Many times, our customers buy it and use it with industrial plugs and sockets.

    According to the different materials of industrial plugs and sockets, the waterproof performance, safety and price are naturally different. We can provide them as a complete set.

    Industrial socket is divided into socket and appliance input socket. Their common point is that they can be fixedly installed on walls and equipment for plug-in power supply. The fixing method is the same, which is fixed with flanges.

    In different locations, the contact of the socket is a socket, and the contact of the appliance input socket is a pin.

    Want to know more electric socket details?

    Electric Sockets are divided into exposed sockets, concealed sockets and movable connectors (couplers).

    Surface mounted socket: with bottom box, it is mainly used to fix on the wall and panel. It can be directly fixed on the plane without opening  holes.

    Want to know more electric socket details

    Concealed socket: without bottom box, it is mainly used for distribution cabinet, distribution box and large distribution room. Holes shall be made on the box.

    Want to know more electric socket details

    Movable connector: without fixing, it can be dragged back and forth for convenience. It is mainly used for lighting stage, outdoor power supply equipment and outdoor activities.

    Movable connector:

    Friends, look clearly and ask clearly when purchasing. If you have any questions about model selection, please come to us at any time. I’m happy to serve you.

    How to choose a suitable socket?

    suitable socket

    This is nylon material, which is preferred by dealers: Hardware material store, hardware tool store, home appliance wholesale store, decoration City, hardware wholesale market, construction site, etc.

    suitable socket

    This is nylon PA66, the first choice for end customers: Electromechanical market, machinery manufacturing plant, injection molding machine, equipment plant, construction, theater and other electric fields.

    suitable socket

    Outdoor sealed switching power box is made of PC material and preferred for engineering projects: airport, subway, machine room, lighting stage, large power plant, iron and steel chemical plant, mine and other electric fields.

    Many times, we will ask customers about the use environment and specific requirements?

    Each project is different, the agents are also different, and the final customers are also different. The requirements for materials will be different and the natural budget will be different.

    If we blindly recommend the most expensive, it is wrong. It’s either the most expensive or the best for you.

    After reading it, do you know more about our industrial plugs and sockets?

    We will send some professional knowledge one after another in the future to make selection more convenient We are very willing to provide you with more professional advice.

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