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    29 Mar, 2023
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping? 5 Possible Reasons

    How do circuit breakers work?

    Before understanding how a circuit breaker works, we can briefly understand the circuit.

    A circuit refers to a loop in which the current in the power supply is output to the load device through a conductive substance and then returned to the power supply. If there is no load device in this circuit, it is a short circuit.

    The circuit breaker is basically placed in the distribution box. Its main purpose is to protect the rear load equipment. The working principle is to interrupt the current when the current in the circuit exceeds the design current of the circuit breaker itself, so as to prevent the rear load equipment from being damaged by high current.

    For example: in a circuit, there are many load devices, and after another load device is connected, the current in this circuit is greater than the design current of the circuit breaker, then the circuit breaker will trip and interrupt the flow of current. Therefore, the model parameters of the circuit breaker Choice are very important.

    Reasons why circuit breaker keeps tripping?

    Is the circuit breaker that keeps tripping dangerously?, If a circuit breaker trips frequently, especially under normal or low loads, it may indicate a faulty or worn-out circuit breaker! We need to solve this problem in time. First of all, we need to find the reason why the circuit breaker tripped. The reasons for the continuous tripping of the circuit breaker are as follows:

    1. Circuit overload (Too many load devices)

    There are too many load devices, causing the current on the circuit to be greater than the set value of the circuit breaker, and the circuit breaker will trip to disconnect the circuit. If there is no circuit breaker and the circuit is not disconnected, the temperature of the wire will rise and it will easily cause a fire.

    You can solve the problem by reducing a load of devices on the same circuit.

    2. Circuit wiring error (Short circuit)

    A short circuit means that the positive and negative poles of the power supply form a low-resistance connection, which can cause a rapid rise in temperature and easily cause a fire. Double-check the connections of the wires on the circuit.

    3. Load equipment failure

    You can disconnect all load devices, close the circuit breaker, and connect each load device in turn until you find the load device that trips the circuit breaker.

    Disassemble the device and seek professional help to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

    4. Arc fault

    Lightning and operating overvoltages can cause electrical surges in electrical systems, which appear as sudden spikes in the voltage curve. Arc Fault Detection Device.

    In order to prevent damage to load equipment due to surges, we can use surge protectors. When a sudden surge hits, the surge protector will conduct the surge to the ground to protect the rear electronic equipment.

    The maintenance of the surge protector is also convenient, and there are clear viewing windows for observation. The module turns red after being hit by surges many times, just unplug the damaged module and replace it with a new one.

    5. Breaker failure

    At this time, it is necessary to investigate the cause step by step to find the problem.

    Once we’ve found and fixed the problem, it’s time to try and reset the circuit breaker. Now the switch on the circuit breaker is in the ‘off’ position, we need to toggle it to the ‘on’ position. In this case, the circuit breaker starts to operate.

    How to tell if a circuit breaker is broken?

    Electrician checks condition of components in distribution box

    Source: Envato

    We can judge whether the circuit breaker has been damaged by the following points:

    1. Circuit breaker is no power

    If there is no power in a circuit or an electrical outlet, it could be due to a tripped or broken circuit breaker.

    2. The circuit breaker is hot or has a burnt smell

    If you notice that the circuit breaker in the distribution box has a burning smell, or feel that the circuit breaker is hot, you need to immediately turn off all the power at home, call the local electrician immediately to confirm the situation.

    3. There are burn marks on the circuit where the circuit breaker is located

    If you notice burnt marks on the sockets and electrical equipment on the socket, you also need to call the local electrician in time, because the burnt marks mean that the wires in the circuit have melted due to high temperature, and electrical fires are easy to occur.

    4. The circuit breaker is old

    Circuit breakers can work for a long time, but not forever. The quality of the old circuit breakers will deteriorate and problems will arise, and we need to replace the circuit breakers in time.

    5. Obvious external damage to the circuit breaker

    The temperature rise caused by the failure of the circuit breaker will basically affect the circuit breaker product itself. If you find obvious external damage on the product, you need to call the local electrician immediately.

    Precautions for replacing circuit breakers

    It is not advisable to repair the circuit breaker because there is no guarantee that the repaired circuit breaker will continue to function. So when a circuit breaker is damaged, it is necessary to remove the old circuit breaker and install a new one.

    The replacement of the circuit breaker requires some basic electrical knowledge. It is not difficult to replace the circuit breaker, but it requires extra care and must not work on live circuits. Before working, be sure to use a multimeter voltage tester to check that the equipment is live. If you don’t already know how to work in a circuit board, you need to call your local electrician.

    Why do we need to know if the circuit breaker is broken?

    Circuit breaker failure sparks electrical fire

    Source: Envato

    A functioning circuit breaker can effectively protect equipment safety by tripping, Preventing accidents from happening.

    A damaged circuit breaker poses the risk of an electrical fire.

    So we have to know the condition of the circuit breaker, And can take timely and effective measures to a certain extent.

    Cost to replace circuit breaker

    Different countries, different sizes of distribution boxes, hiring an electrician, or doing it yourself will all have an impact on the cost.

    Basically, it costs about $50 to $100 to replace one circuit breaker, which includes the breaker and labor costs.

    For your own safety, labor costs cannot be saved, and the installation process should still be handed over to professional electricians.


    circuit breaker keeps tripping is a red flag. We need to find the cause as soon as possible and solve the problem in time to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires.

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