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    03 Oct, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    How to choose Smart circuit Breaker WiFi ZigBee Type

    A smart circuit breaker is a piece of electrical equipment that can be remotely controlled to turn on or off, as well as to track and gather data on the load and circuit’s usage.


    • To intelligent management, monitor the running status of load products and intelligent linkage, employ smart remote automatic circuit breakers.
    • As they are connected to the smartphone over the protocol like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Lora, RS485, RJ45, it may be remotely managed from any location at any time.
    • You may use the internet and mobile phones to schedule when it turns on and off.
    • It can be used to protect against some circuit issues like surges, short circuits, overloads, high temperature, over voltage, residual current, under voltage and over power.


    The goal of this project is to construct a single circuit breaker that can provide protection against the various electrical failures mentioned above. Now the price of smart circuit breakers for end users is getting lower and lower, and most users can buy separate smart circuit breakers to replace ordinary circuit breakers to realize some smart electricity consumption.

    Additionally, the commonly used circuit breakers lack any means of determining whether they are functioning properly or not (aside from RCD/RCCB), but Smart Circuit Breaker have reporting capabilities that will notify users in advance of any electrical accidents if there are any faults with the Smart Circuit Breakers themselves. Hence, it is dubbed “Smart”!


    The smart circuit breaker is controlled by an intelligent MCU and collects all the required data, which is the basis of the whole project. Also, we use a voltage transformer to measure the voltage, a current transformer to measure the load, and a zero current transformer to measure the residual leakage current (for electric shock detection). All of the above transformers are connected to the MCU using precision rectifiers and low noise amplifiers. The power sine wave pulse count is used to determine the frequency.

    The only difference between smart circuit breakers and standard circuit breakers is that they have an antenna for like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, RS485, RJ45, Lora signals and a unique mechanical switch mechanism for automated ON/OFF operation.

    The separation of contacts in an insulating media is a need for the fundamental design of a circuit breaker. When the circuit breaker opens, this insulating material extinguishes the arc between the contacts. Additionally, it works as insulation from each contact to earth and between each contact.

    How to Install Smart Circuit Breaker

    The only difference between it and a regular circuit breaker (which is visible in our home distribution board) is that the smart circuit breaker require a power for PCB, like Three phase type should to another L and N wire for PCB power side, our single phase type is same connection as regular circuit breaker.

    Live and Neutral are inputs in the upper part, and output is in the lower part. If the lower portion of your home’s distribution board is where your incoming lines are linked, you can put your smart circuit breaker upside down in order to ensure appropriate functionality .

    Simply scan the QR code on the product packaging to install the iOS or Android app after installation. After installing the app, you may pair the device and use your smartphone to set up automatic operation or planned time operation.

    How Smart Circuit Breaker Works

    Can the electromagnetic and electronic components of the smart circuit breaker’s operating principle be separated?

    Electromagnetic Component 

    The electromagnetic component is identical to that of a standard circuit breaker. Similar to a conventional circuit breaker, if the circuit experiences an overload or short circuit fault, the overload protection is provided by the bimetallic part’s heat conduction up to a particular amount, at which point the circuit breaker trips to provide overload protection.

    Electronic Component

    One or more intricate circuit boards that are integrated with numerous control modules and communication modules make up the smart breaker’s electronic component. The circuit board of the electrical component receives the signal from the remote control terminal, which could be an app on a mobile device or a computer. Information can be gathered and recorded by the electronic component, which can then send it back to the remote terminal. Based on these informational factors, users can perform real-time remote control, alter the value, set the time, and create the plan. It doesn’t need to function like a standard circuit breaker.


    How to Choose Smart Circuit Breaker

    Today, smart houses are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. Our line of intelligent circuit breakers can quickly replace conventional circuit breakers with widths that meet with international standards.

    We can also provide an entire set of distribution boxes for smart terminals; all you need to do is plug it into the object you wish to use as a smart charging device.

    Many outdoor locations can benefit from the use of smart circuit breakers.

    For instance, equipment for control, timing, and monitoring, outdoor advertising, agricultural, solar control, and equipment for charging piles, among other things.

    Benefits of Smart Circuit Breaker

    • Improved energy efficiency is just one of many factors that smart circuit breakers are being hailed as the innovative and useful progression of conventional circuit breakers. By better managing energy use, households and buildings may use electricity in a much more rational way thanks to technological advancements.
    • By supplying meterusage data for each circuit, new advancements in solid-state technology are assisting circuit breakers in more effectively monitoring and controlling power consumption. These developments open the door for increasing operational continuity and efficiency, as well as for controlling high-power utilities like air conditioning, heating, and water heaters.
    • The commercial and industrial markets stand to benefit tremendously from solid-state smart/digital circuit breakers because these facilities utilize far more energy on a daily basis than homes do. The goal is to go to digital at some time in the near future.Digital circuit breakers are expected to be inexpensively mass-produced at some point in the near future, while there will undoubtedly be circuit breakers sold at a premium as well.


    Smart Wi-Fi use a smartphone, Smart circuit breakers can be used to remotely control and secure a variety of electrical appliances, including washing machines, air conditioners, TVs, fans, and bulbs, as well as motors for water pumps, electric heaters, and electric geysers. It offers protection from surges, short circuits, overloads, and over voltages.

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