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    13 Apr, 2023
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Explore AFDD Meaning, and Applications

    What is the Meaning of AFDD?

    AFDD full form in electrical is Arc Fault Detection Devices, which is installed in consumer units to prevent arc faults. This device continuously observes changes in the circuit, and once a dangerous arc is detected, the AFDD quickly trips to disconnect the circuit, preventing further overheating.

    What is an Arc Fault?

    Arc fault refers to the situation that the metal conductor in the wire is poorly contacted due to a loose connection of the wire, corrosion, or extrusion of other objects, and continuous discharge generates a large amount of heat and sparks. This situation can easily damage the insulation layer of the wire, which can cause an electrical fire.

    Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) – TOWAFDD-63

    When to use AFDD?

    In environments that are prone to fire or where something important needs to be protected, AFDD needs to be considered for further protection. For example:

    1. Room for storing flammable materials, factory
    2. Buildings made of wood or combustible materials
    3. Museums and other places where valuables are stored

    If you do not plan to use AFDD, you need to pay attention to some situations. For example:

    1. Wire heats up
    2. The socket has a burnt smell
    3. There are scorched traces at the wiring of electrical equipment

    If this happens, turn off the circuit in question and contact a professional electrician to investigate the situation.

    Electrical Safety Urban Buildings
    Source: Envato

    Common Application Scenarios of AFDD

    Safety can lead to sustainable development, which is very important for public buildings, especially for some historic wooden houses. Sufficient preventive protection measures should be taken in advance, and safety first should be attached with great importance.

    Like some historic buildings, it is easy to damage the wire insulation layer due to rodents, old wires, or being squeezed by deformed objects. In order to protect the safety of these historic buildings and tourists, a complete modern solution is required, which includes arc fault detection devices to prevent arc faults.

    In taller or densely populated residential buildings, it is also necessary to install AFDDs to ensure the prevention requirements for electrical fires. Because without the arc fault protection of AFDD, if a fire breaks out, it will be difficult for tall residential buildings and densely populated residential buildings to evacuate people, and they will face great risks.

    To reduce risk, AFDDs can be installed on circuits not exceeding 32A to prevent arc faults.

    Safety Leads to Sustainable Development
    Source: Envato

    What are the Disadvantages of Using AFDD?

    Everything has drawbacks, and so does AFDD.

    Space. It may require a custom distribution box to accommodate its location, as most distribution boxes are rarely designed to accommodate AFDDs.

    Ability. For ring circuits, AFDD cannot detect all potential faults. But using AFDD is still much safer than not using AFDD.

    Cost. The cost of using AFDD is still quite expensive.

    Can AFDD Distinguish Between the Working Arc and the Fault Arc?

    Of course, AFDD can distinguish between the working arc and fault arc to avoid breaking the circuit due to the normal working arc. The so-called working arc is just like the normal and harmless arc generated by switching on and off the light switch and plugging and unplugging electrical equipment. AFDD compares many parameters to accurately identify the different characteristics of the two arcs.

    Is AFDD Mandatory to Install?

    Some places must be installed and used. In the above-mentioned high-risk residential buildings and densely populated residential buildings, AFDDs must basically be installed in all circuits whose rated current does not exceed 32A. In order to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires, the use of AFDD for enhanced protection is also recommended in other types of premises.

    Electrical Engineer Installation
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    Although the cost of using a consumer unit with AFDD is high, the protection it plays is very strong. What needs to be understood is that perfect protection can greatly avoid the occurrence of disasters, protect cultural heritage and personal property, and save lives.

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