TORD4B-63 IEC/EN 62423 2P 16 – 63A 30 – 300mA Type B RCD RCCB residual current circuit breaker

With the diversification of energy and equipments use, the interactive use of AC and DC, and the products with many different waveform signals, we need higher-level residual current protection circuit breakers to protect our personal safety and avoid the danger of electric shock. TORD4B-63 Type B RCD is The most suitable leakage protector for us now and in the future.

The TORD4B-63 Type B RCD is designed to offer superior protection in complex electrical environments. Unlike traditional RCDs that primarily detect sinusoidal AC faults, the Type B RCD is capable of detecting residual currents with mixed frequencies, including smooth DC residual currents. This makes it exceptionally suitable for modern installations that involve both AC and DC components, as well as equipment like inverters, EV chargers, and medical devices.