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    12 Aug, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

    Air circuit breaker is a circuit protection device for high current, commonly used in large circuit distribution box system, it can prevent overload, short circuit, ground fault, leakage protection, remote control and other integrated circuit breakers. Therefore, its operation may be efficient and reliable in accordance with the IEC 60947-2 series of standards.

    Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

    ACB is a mechanical variation that effectively generates, maintains and breaks current under conventional circuit conditions, using the atmosphere as the arc extinguishing medium. It can also efficiently generate and carry current for a given desired time and break circuits under irregular specified circuits, such as short circuits or overload circuits. Circuit breakers are available in completely different models ranging from 800A to 10KA with additional fixed type and drawer type ACBs.

    Types of Air breaker (ACB):

    1. Plain Break sort Air breaker or Cross-Blast ACB
    2. Magnetic Blowout sort Air breaker
    3. Air Chute breaker
    4. Air Blast breaker

    Plain Break sort Air breaker (ACB)

    The breaker is fitted with a chamber close the contact. The chamber is thought as “arc chute”. The arc was created to drive within it. The arc chute shall assist in achieving cooling. Arc chute is formed from some product that’s refractory. The inner walls of arc chute are formed in such a true means arc is not solely forced into shut proximity, however can drive to the snaky channel projected on arc chute wall.

    The arc chute is split in to variety of very little compartments just by victimization separation that’s bimetallic. bimetallic separation plates are arc splitters and every of tiny compartments become a mini arc chute. Initial arc shall divide in to variety of arcs this might create all arc voltages over system voltage. These are usually preferred alternative in low voltage application.


    Magnetic Blowout sort Air breaker

    Magnetic blowout air circuit breakers provide magnetic management of the instant that’s arc create arc extinction within the product. The arc extinction is controlled creating use of trade that’s magnetic by this in blowout coils joined nonparallel motor-assisted by the circuit being interrupted. These coils are remarked as “blow out the coil”. flux doesn’t get a position on and extinguish the arc created within the breaker; but it moves the arc into chutes wherever the arc is elongated, destroyed and cooled consequently. These quite circuit breakers are used the maximum amount as 11kV.


    Air Chute breaker

    This sort of breaker may be used for system voltage of 245 kilovolt, 420 kilovolt and far a lot of.

    Air circuit that’s blast has more split into 3 groups:

    1. Axial blast breaker
    2. Axial blast with sloppy contact that’s going.

    Air Blast Circuit Breaker

    The contact that is transferring contact. There exists a nozzle orifice in fixed contact at normal condition that is closed off. When a fault happen, high pressure is introduced in to the chamber. High-pressure air shall move through nozzle orifice voltage is sufficient to sustain.


    Uses of Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

    1. It is used to protect transformers, capacitors and generators.
    2. It is used as the main circuit breaker in factories and buildings, and also as the main circuit breaker in ships, and various accessories can be installed according to the application.
    3. For low and high voltage and current applications.
    4. Air circuit breaker can also be used in the Electricity system that is sharing NGD about 15kV.

    Operation of Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

    The principle that is working of Circuit breaker is quite different from other styles of circuit breaker. The aim that is primary of breaker is always to avoid reestablishment of arcing after present zero where in actuality the contact gap will withstand the machine recovery voltage. It does its same work, but in a manner that is different. During interruption of arc, an arc is made by its voltage instead of supply voltage. Arc voltage is defined as the minimum voltage needed for maintaining arc. The circuit breaker increases the voltage in three ways that are different:

    1. Arc voltage could be increased by cooling Arc Plasma. The moment the temperature of arc plasma movement of particle in arc plasma is reduced, more voltage gradient will probably be required to take care of the arc.
    2. By splitting the arc right into a true number of series will escalates the arc voltage.
    3. Arc voltage can be increased by lengthening the arc path. Just length of arc path is increased the opposition course will increase more voltage that is arc applied throughout the arc course hence arc voltage is increased.


    1. The aircircuit breaker is just a kind that is unique of unit which starts a strength circuit instantly the moment it senses the possibility of the high current. It’s also used in various types of plants for both main and distribution that is additional.
    2. Also, it is among the circuit breakers that can run manually and immediately and has electrodynamics that are high accept both the overload and short-circuit current.

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