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    17 May, 2023
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    What is a Smart Relay Switch? Why use it?

    What is a Smart Relay Switch?

    A smart relay switch is a device connected to a circuit. The device connects to the user’s smartphone via a wireless protocol, allowing the user to remotely and wirelessly control the opening and closing of the circuit. In practical applications, the use of smart relay switches can provide convenience and has become an important part of smart homes.

    Din-rail smart relay switch TO-Q-SY2 is equipped with a metering function, which can display the power consumption of the load equipment on the circuit in real-time on the mobile phone. It also has a timing function and can be used as a timer switch.

    What are the Benefits of Smart Relay Switches?

    1. Improve convenience. Mobile phone remote control, connect the smart relay switch to all electrical equipment to realize the smart home system.

    2. Increase security. Smart relay switches can detect and prevent electrical faults that will occur on the circuit, reducing the occurrence of electrical fires.

    3. Reduce the waste of electric energy. Let electrical appliances run only at certain times, for example, turn on the air conditioner when you go to bed at night, and leave it on in the middle of the night, which will be cold and consume a lot of power. You can use the smart relay switch to connect to the air conditioner and set the off time on the mobile phone, so that you don’t have to worry about the trouble of manually closing it, and it also saves electricity and saves money for users.

    Application of Smart Relay Switch

    The application fields of smart relay switches are very wide.

    In industry: solar photovoltaic farms, wind power plants, water pump control, exhaust fan control

    In home: electric lighting, electric gate control, air conditioning control, electric curtain control

    Use Case: Smart Relay Switch for Lighting. Both outdoor and indoor lights can be remotely controlled and automated using smart relay switches.

    Smart relay switch for exhaust fan. At home, after taking a shower, you need to turn on the exhaust fan to ventilate the bathroom. This usually lasts for ten minutes. We can install a smart relay switch for the exhaust fan and set the continuous working time of the device in advance.

    In actual use, the smart relay switch embodies convenience, can realize the automation process, can perform simple operations through the mobile APP setting, and is also suitable for regular electrical equipment operation.

    How to Connection a Smart Relay Switch?

    The smart relay switch TO-Q-SY2 is installed on the guide rail and connected to the smart relay switch with a mobile phone. The product also has other functions. For details, please see the video of the pairing operation and function setting of the TO-Q-SY2 smart switch below.

    What's the difference between a wall switch and a wireless switch?

    The wall switch is a very common electrical device, people can control the circuit on and off by pressing the button, and control the load equipment on the circuit, such as electric lights, bathroom fans, and other electrical equipment.

    The wireless switch is different from the ordinary wall switch. It uses the smartphone APP to remotely control the opening and closing of the circuit, so as to obtain a more convenient experience than the wall switch.


    Smart relay switches can be applied in a variety of scenarios, and have the advantages of convenience, safety, and energy saving, and they are more reliable. Contact Tongou to get the desired smart relay switch according to your actual needs.

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