Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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    13 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    How to control the circuit of the household and similar use?

    These days, almost every home, hotel, and office building uses a consumer unit switch box. Considering that it is the center of the wring system, this is where all electricity in every building is controlled and distributed. With the increasing rate of building fires triggered by faulty consumer units, it is necessary to ensure that you choose the right brand. At TONGOU, we do not compromise on safety. Our products go through several rounds of testing and qualifications, so that you can be rest assured.

    Our consumer units contain the Miniature Circuit Breakers, popularly known as MCBs, and the Residual Current Devices or RCDs. Both have gone through and passed several quality assurance tests, from manufacturing to installation.

    The MCB is an automatic electromagnetic device that automatically turns off a circuit when it detects a current higher than the stipulated value. Its job is to protect your house from dangerous effects of electrical malfunctioning. The MCB is similar in size and function to a regular fuse, but the MCB is proven to provide more real-time protection. When the MCB trips due to an extremely high current, you can always switch it back on manually as it comes with an easy-to-use and flexible switch, unlike fuses that have to be replaced each time.

    The RCD, also known as the Residual Current Circuit Breaker, or RCCB automatically cuts off electricity from a circuit in the event of an electric shock. It also works in case of a fire outbreak, shutting off electricity that could make matters worse. RCDs are designed to provide personal protection, something that MCBs are not made to do. For instance, if you accidentally touch a live wire, the RCD is automatically tripped to prevent further damage or injury. Each RCD within your consumer unit consistently monitors electric current flowing through one or more circuits it is attached to. Immediately it detects electricity flowing down a strange path, it triggers a response to switch off the affected circuits.

    Our consumer units are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum safety and ease of installation. The box itself is designed to aid smooth wiring and installation of all the components, such as the MCBs and RCDs, and complementing wires. The busbar is creatively designed to ensure that the devices cannot be incorrectly installed. The entire process can be figured out without any trouble.

    Our Consumer Units measure up to our production hallmarks of novel design, excellent workmanship and reliable quality.

    Like every product we’ve made, they come with standard approval from CE, SEMKO, CB, CCC and ISO9001 quality system certificate, amongst others. With over 20 years of manufacturing the best electrical devices, we sure know what we’re talking about.

    Protect your life, and your building, from electrical dangers today. Buy TONGOU.

    TONGOU… For 100% assurance of electrical safety.

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