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    08 Apr, 2023
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Transforming Your Home or Office: Smart Circuit Breaker Application

    How to Use a Smart Circuit Breaker

    The smart circuit breaker can realize the switch gate through remote operation, and use the APP to monitor and collect the conditions of the circuit and load equipment in real-time through the Internet.

    The following is the video of Tongou intelligent RCBO circuit breaker TOSMR1, which describes the detailed networking steps and function setting operations.

    The following are two videos of Tongou smart relay switch TO-Q-SY2, which respectively describe the operation pairing instructions and usage function instructions of the products.

    Smart Circuit Breaker Application Scenario

    The application scenarios of smart circuit breakers are very extensive. There will be many abnormal conditions in the electrical system that will cause the circuit and its components to be damaged. In order to make the circuit and components have a longer service life, it is necessary to avoid the continuous occurrence of abnormal conditions, which requires smart circuit breakers. Smart circuit breakers can also meet the needs of remote control and monitoring circuit information.

    smart electric distribution box

    The din rail switch TO-Q-SY1-WT product is used in this household distribution box, and remotely controlled by using the APP through the Internet, which is convenient for life. The product TO-Q-SY1-JWT with metering is more recommended.

    smart circuit breaker system

    You can also choose a small distribution box to protect and monitor the electrical equipment in a room. TOSMR1 and TO-Q-SY1-JWT are used in the picture, TOSMR1 is a smart RCBO that combines the functions of MCB and RCD to provide over-current and residual current protection, and it can also use APP remotely through the Internet control.

    smart switch with mcb usage scenario

    Of course, you can do the same, as shown in the picture. Use TO-Q-SY1-JWT with an MCB.

    Connect electrical equipment individually, provide protection, remote control, and monitor data for this equipment. For example air conditioner, TV, electric heater, washing machine, water pump motor, and charging pile equipment.

    Although an industrial circuit breaker functions exactly the same as a home circuit breaker, an industrial circuit breaker is much more complicated. Different industrial applications have different requirements for circuit breakers. When choosing an industrial circuit breaker, it is necessary to consult professionals in the field to ensure that the selected product has a protective effect.

    The most common industrial circuit breakers are air circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers. In addition, depending on the actual application, miniature circuit breakers can also be used in some industrial applications. The smart circuit breaker can replace the miniature circuit breaker and become a more ideal choice.

    smart industrial consumer unit

    In this smart industrial consumer unit, use TOSMR1, TO-Q-SY1-JWT, and TO-Q-SR263JWT for collocation.

    Din Rail Smart Switch usage scenario

    This is a common usage scenario for TO-Q-SY1-JWT din rail smart switches. It can monitor the power in use, can automatically turn off the power when it exceeds a preset value, and can also set a time. Integrate into the electrical system, and use APP remote control to realize the automation system. Smart switches and smart circuit breakers can greatly improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs, thereby reducing electricity bills.

    smart switch usage scenario

    What is the difference between a smart switch and a smart circuit breaker?

    Simply put, the function of the smart switch is the same as that of the ordinary switch, which is used to open and close the circuit. The function of the smart circuit breaker is the same as that of the circuit breaker. According to different functions, it can be disconnected in time when the circuit is overloaded or other faults circuit.

    Where can smart circuit breakers be applied in industrial scenarios?

    In industrial application scenarios, the power usage at the circuit level can be protected and monitored with smart circuit breakers, which facilitates energy management and post-scheduled equipment maintenance. Smart circuit breakers can be controlled remotely, adjust parameters, quickly shut down, and monitor information and other functions, aiming to provide convenience and meet the needs of users.

    How can I choose smart switches and smart circuit breakers?

    Different product purchase budgets can choose different configurations. The higher the budget, the more functional smart products you can use. You can go to the smart circuit breaker product classification page to browse first. Tongou provides a variety of products according to the needs of users to realize smart control and smart power.


    The use of intelligent switch circuit breakers can improve energy efficiency, improve user safety, and increase convenience in remote control and monitoring. In order to protect the circuit and load equipment from being damaged by sudden abnormal conditions, the protection of an intelligent switch circuit breaker is required.

    Different application scenarios will have different application solutions, contact Tongou to get the help you need.

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