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    23 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    What is a waterproof junction box?

    Waterproof junction box can be used inside and outside the home to prevent rain and dust, and effectively prevent water from entering the circuit and electronic equipment in the box.

    It is waterproof and consists of a variety of materials, including: PC (polycarbonate), ABS, fiberglass, die-cast aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

    It can usually be used with DIN rails, AC and DC breakers, relay sockets, heaters, thermostats, cable glands, etc.

    What is a waterproof junction box

    Variety of waterproof boxes

    Aluminum waterproof junction box IP68
    TOM3 Plastic waterproof junction box IP68

    How to choose a waterproof junction box according to IP63-IP68 waterproof rating?

    The general level of waterproofness is between IP63 and IP68, which are divided into the following categories:

    IP63: Water or rain does not affect the case at 60 degrees,

    IP64: liquid entering the housing from any direction has no harmful effect,

    IP65: Washable with water without harm,

    IP66: Can be used in salon,

    IP67: Resistance to immersion in water for a short time (1m), 

    IP68: Continuous immersion in water under a certain pressure, such as when deep-sea cabling.


    Do you know the difference between cast aluminum waterproof junction box and plastic waterproof junction box?

    There are plastic waterproof electrical junction boxes IP68 and aluminum waterproof electrical junction boxes IP68, the use and performance of the two are different.

    Let’s take a closer look at the differences below.

    plastic waterproof junction box
    plastic waterproof junction box

    The plastic waterproof electrical junction box IP68 is made of ABS plastic, PC or other plastic, which has the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation and shockproof.

    Top cover fixing screws are designed to prevent screws from falling and losing, multiple internal mounting points provide maximum ease of installation for rails, PCBs, power modules and expansion cards.

    Some models choose transparent top cover from PC. Various sizes and specifications can provide solutions for petrochemical plants, docks, sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, gardens, residential lighting, rail transport, etc.

    Die-cast aluminum waterproof electrical junction box is formed by die-casting of silicon aluminum alloy.

    The use of spray surface treatment technology makes the die-cast aluminum waterproof box resistant to the environment.

    Due to the characteristics of the metal itself, compared with similar plastic junction boxes, die-cast aluminum junction boxes also have the characteristics of heat dissipation, anti-static and fire resistance.

    The working temperature of -40 ° to 120 ° can better adapt to the high temperature and low temperature environment the equipment is in.

    Most of the products are equipped with metal hanging feet to facilitate fixing the equipment to the wall.

    The mounting boss at the bottom is pre-threaded for component mounting. Internal attachment points can also be used to ground the electrical enclosure.


    What services can we offer?

    • Laser logo and text printing
    • Custom color printing
    • Matching and matching accessories
    • Drilling holes (irregular holes)
    • Color adjustment
    What services can we offer
    What services can we offer


    How to set up a waterproof electrical junction box IP68?

    We are a professional waterproof box manufacturer, accept customized OEM customers, provide drilling, installation, painting, design and OEM / ODM services.

    For example, according to a US customer, the boxes will be used for outdoor surveillance posts and external protection of video surveillance equipment.


    Do you want to know about our customization process?

    1. According to the customer’s electronic equipment, we recommend the appropriate size. If customers want to use the outdoor waterproof junction box and observe the indoor situation outside, you can opt for the transparent cover.

    Do you want to know about our customization process

    2. If you want to use the waterproof junction box outdoor for a long time without fading, you can choose PC material, flame retardant requirements, high temperature resistance, IP67 waterproof.

    We are glad to accept individual orders.

    3.After we are satisfied with the size and appearance of the box, we will open the waterproof junction box as follows, clarify the size and position of the hole, and draw drawings as required for customer checking, and then send samples to customers for confirmation.

    We use CNC opening machine, lower error rate, because through the opening pattern check, the opening becomes more accurate.

    Do you want to know about our customization process

    4.In every step of the process, we will be happy to send customers by mail, we could send a sample to the customer and discuss with the customer the details of the internal installation.

    We are worried about the factors that may affect the signal, the connection box we replaced after a successful discussion, then started to run in production.

    Do you want to know about our customization process

    5. To avoid damage to the waterproof electrical junction box IP68 and accessories during shipping, we provide a separate inner box to reduce collision.
    We will mark the trademark on each box to show the buyer’s quantity and accessories in each box, it is convenient to check.
    Timely delivery of quality products to your hands is our eternal mission.

    6. We will track the logistics information in a timely manner and keep close contact with the customer, and can also provide the customer with the installation service of connectors and accessories.

    To save your time, it will be beneficial for you to use the junction box immediately.


    How is a waterproof junction box IP68 installed?

    1. The waterproof junction box IP68 can be equipped with a bottom plate to accommodate customer monitoring equipment, and the plate is fixed with screws.

    2. Regarding the wiring connection to the waterproof junction box outdoor, it is important to ensure waterproofing by wiring through waterproof connectors, to ensure that the open position is waterproof, waterproof connector accessories, ask us if you need, we can provide the appropriate size.

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