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Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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    23 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    Waterproof aluminum box

    What are the product features of waterproof aluminum box?

    Waterproof aluminum box can be used inside and outside the house to prevent rain and dust, effectively prevent the circuit inside the box, electronic equipment into the water.

    Aluminum alloy die-casting forming, high temperature resistant, Corrosion-Proof, can be used in harsh environments.

    Surface Treatment: Frosting(light gray), smooth (steel grey).

    Applicable:Terminal box, Distribution Box, Instrument Box, Signal Junction Box, Stope, Coastal factories, Sewage Treatment Works and other environments.

    Protection: IP66.


    How to customize waterproof electrical aluminum box?

    Plastic spraying is used for surface treatment of aluminum box, which can be selected by customers, with a variety of patterns or smooth surface.

    Waterproof aluminum box


    I want to share a Russian customers’s waterproof aluminum box customization process, hoping to help you better understand the customization process.

     1.We need to understand the customer’s needs and the use environment of the box, which is very important. It is made of aluminum alloy die-casting and has passed the waterproof test of IP66.

    The customer first told us that it needs explosion-proof certificate in the Russian market. Electrical equipment without certification is not allowed to be used in explosion-proof places.

    Waterproof aluminum box

    2.For boxes of various sizes, we recommend similar sizes to maintain high-grade sealing and waterproof. We use machine sealing instead of manual inlaid white sealing strip..

    Used to open the aluminum box. We defined the size and position of the hole, drew the drawing for the customer’s inspection according to the customer’s requirements, and then sent the sample to the customer for confirmation.

    The CNC drilling machine is adopted, and the error is very small. Through the inspection of the drilling sample, the drilling is more accurate.

    We can also take a video to confirm the opening position.

    Waterproof aluminum box
    Waterproof aluminum box

    Waterproof aluminum box


    3.Open the hole and let the line pass. We have supporting production waterproof joints for installation together.

    After the customer confirms that the opening is correct, and then put into mass production to shorten the delivery time as much as possible.

    Waterproof aluminum box


    Customers need supporting buttons, we purchase and install PCB boards for them, and communicate with customers about production details.

    Before delivery, take photos to customers to avoid damage during transportation. We provide spare parts. Then mark each box with the number of customers and accessories in each box so it’s easy to find.

    Timely delivery and inform customer of delivery date. This is a very important customer experience. Customers should not wait too long.

    Waterproof aluminum box


    New product!!AT cast aluminum waterproof case


    Waterproof aluminum box


    It is made of aluminum alloy (alsi12) by die casting. Most specifications adopt hinged open structure, which is specially designed for control box inspection.

    The perspective window adopts full waterproof structure. The overall protection grade is IP65, and two kinds of hangers can be provided: wall installation and column installation.

    It can be widely used in instrument box, plastic waterproof box, maintenance box, power box, operation box and other products.

    It can be widely used in:

    – Mobile communication base station

    – Broadcasting digital television transmitting equipment;

    – Outdoor power supply and all kinds of outdoor electronic equipment;


    Waterproof aluminum box


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