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  • Tongou tuya smart device API command set

    Instructions and Steps for Parsing RAW Type Data under the Device Status Set ‘Code Phase_a, Phase_b, Phase_c’ in the API Debugging of tongou Tuya smart breakers and circuit breakers Products on the Tuya IOT Platform:

    In the rapidly evolving world of smart homes and industrial automation, the ability to efficiently parse and interpret data from devices is crucial. The Tuya API stands out as a beacon in this realm, offering insights into critical electrical parameters like current, voltage, and power. This article takes you on a journey through the intricacies of Tuya’s data points (DP) and the techniques employed for data extraction and interpretation.

    Tuya’s Approach to Electrical Data Points

    Tuya’s representation of electrical data points, specifically for current, voltage, and power, uses specific codes such as phase_a, phase_b, and phase_c. An example of this representation is “{code: “phase_a”, value: “COkAABUAAAU=”}”. But how do we decipher this value?

    Data Decoding: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Base64 Decoding: The first step involves translating the Base64 encoded data. There is online tool available:

    Base64 to hex: Encode and decode bytes online – cryptii 

    to assist in this decoding process.

    Hexadecimal Representation: Once decoded, you might obtain a string like 

    “08 e9 00 00 15 00 00 05”

    Utilizing programmer’s calculators, we can interpret this hexadecimal string.

    Interpreting the Data:

    The initial “08 e9” (2 bytes) represents voltage in volts (V). By converting it to its decimal representation and dividing by 10, we derive the voltage value as 228.1V (2281/10).

    The next segment “00 00 15” (3 bytes) indicates current in amperes (A). Converting this to its decimal equivalent and dividing by 1000 gives us the current value of 0.021A (21/1000).

    Lastly, the “00 00 05” segment (3 bytes) denotes power in watts (W). Its direct decimal equivalent reveals the power value as 5W.

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