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    23 May, 2022
    Posted by elcb_admin
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    What is a smart circuit breaker?

    A smart circuit breaker is an electronic device that operates the circuit breaker through remote control to turn on or off, monitor and collect the use status of the circuit and load equipment.

    Smart circuit breakers can feed back and record the information status of circuits and equipment through the Internet in real time.

    We also call it the Internet of Things circuit breaker or remote control circuit breaker.

    It can use multiple protocols for remote control, such as RS485, RJ45 (network port), WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G and other protocols.

    Configure the smart home circuit breaker, it can be remote Control and collect some data in the equipment circuit, so that we can use the equipment in a more reasonable combination.

    Some smart home circuit breakers integrate the functions of a variety of circuit protectors, which are smaller and more intelligent.

    The common smart circuit breakers, such as our TOSMR1 smart circuit breaker, in addition to the basic functions of the non-intelligent circuit breaker, short circuit protection, over load protection and leakage protection.

    It also combines over and under voltage protection, temperature over or under protection, over power or under power protection, we can also set the status of each function, you can turn off the protection, turn on the protection, or setting alarm.

    To use the mobile phone APP or computer terminal to remotely adjust various values, such as the adjustment of the rated current value, the adjustment of the rated leakage protection trip value, the percentage value of over-voltage or under-voltage, the temperature protection value or other values, so that the users can go according to their own usage.

    It can also monitor and record the power usage of load-side electrical appliances in real time, hourly, daily, and monthly power statistics, and set the time to control the load electrical appliances according to the user’s own situation.

    How does smart circuit breaker work?

    The functional principle of smart circuit breaker can be divided into electromagnetic and electronic parts?

    WIFI Smart Electrical Circuit Breaker RCBO Meaning Details TOSMR1
    Smart Circuit Breaker RCBO TOSMR1

    Electromagnetic part

    The electromagnetic part is the same as that of the traditional circuit breaker.

    If the circuit has an overload or short circuit fault, just like a traditional circuit breaker, the overload protection is through the heat conduction of the bimetallic part to a certain value, then the circuit breaker trips for protection overload.

    Short circuit protection is carried out through the coil part of the circuit breaker for fast trip protection.

    WIFI Smart Electrical Circuit Breaker Meaning RCBO TOSMR1

    Electronic part

    The electronic part of the smart breaker is one or more complex circuit boards, which are combined with various control modules and communication modules.

    The signal is input from the remote control terminal, such as a mobile phone application or a computer, and the circuit board of the electronic part receives instructions Information, the electronic part can collect and record the required data and information, and send it back to the Remote Terminal.

    Users can perform real-time remote control based on these information parameters, adjust the value, set the time, and set the plan. It doesn’t have to be like a traditional circuit breaker. You must operate the circuit breakers on site and you need a variety of electrical equipment to collect fault information.

    How do I choose a smart circuit breaker?

    Today, smart homes have started to spread into our lives. Our series of smart circuit breakers can easily replace ordinary circuit breakers with international standard widths.

    We can also ship a full set of smart terminal distribution boxes, just plug it into what you want to become a smart charging device.

    Smart circuit breakers can be applied to many outdoor places.

    Such as control, timing and monitoring, outdoor advertising equipment, electrical equipment used in fish ponds, agricultural electrical equipment, solar control systems, charging pile equipment, etc.

    For more smart products and related information, please follow our website to contact us and start working together immediately.

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